Jalan Ipoh’s popular peanut soup still pulls crowds 50 years on

Situated at the side of the now-outdated HSBC bank on Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur is a modest pastry slow down that has been attracting swarms for near 50 years.

Bowls of red bean soup and “lin chi kang” – grouped fixings in a blended syrup – are ceaselessly being served to clients on their mid-day breaks who possess the tables gave.

In the event that you’re there at 1pm, you would be thought of as fortunate to get a quite hot bowl of sweet soup of your decision – most would have sold out by then, at that point.

One can’t miss the ongoing proprietor, who just needs to be distinguished as Siong. He for the most part assists with doling out the soups when the groups become heavier around early afternoon.

Visit with him and you’ll before long learn of the mark dish that has been enticing foodies to this slow down for quite a long time – its thick and smooth nut soup.

As a matter of fact, this soothing bowl of enjoyment follows back to the slow down situated in similar spot, run by its unique proprietor simply referred to Siong as Sifu, or educator.

Sifu’s slow down was known to the whole neighborhood when he began it around a long time back, Siong says; how he figured out how to prepare the pastry stays a mystery.When Sifu chose to resign in 2015 at age 71, his child was not excited about assuming control over the business. That was when Siong came into the image, having realized there was an “unfilled spot” for the slow down proprietor.

“Around then, I was battling as a bread vender as many locally situated dealers were benefitting through web-based conveyances without having an actual shop,” Siong told FMT.

“I had many costs to cover, including overheads and lease, while rivaling other people who were making breads and buns, as well.”

So when Siong got the proposal to assume control over the slow down, he quickly snatched it. Being a quick student, he got the art in no less than a month, dominating treats, for example, the green bean soup and pulut hitam, or dark glutinous rice pudding.

The going was at first unpleasant as Siong needed to guarantee the consistency of his treats was correct. Fortunately, his educator was eager to direct him through it.

“Making these treats was certainly more straightforward than making bread,” Siong shared. This assisted him with enduring until he idealized the craft of making the sweet treats.On the nut soup, Siong made sense of that one of the key techniques is to cook the squashed nut blend over a sluggish fire to permit it to thicken over the long run.

“Continually mixing it is vital to guarantee it doesn’t get singed. The drawn-out part is ensuring the peanuts are completely squashed so they can be mixed effectively prior to cooking.

“It’s our top rated dish that is normally sold out by 1pm. Very few slows down sell it, which is the reason it’s a colossal group puller.”

Valued at RM3.80 per bowl, the nut soup is just accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Beside the sweet treats, you can likewise get something to eat by requesting the “bak chang” (Chinese dumplings), curry puffs, and kaya puffs, among different contributions.

Ipoh Street Tong Sui
Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 8am-4pm, Mondays to Saturdays

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