Battle of the nasi lemak: 5 of Klang Valley’s best!

Here is an inquiry for you – what is the notorious food of Malaysia? The reverberating response is nasi lemak, obviously!

Modest, delectable, filling and accessible basically all over the place, nasi lemak is a dish that couple of Malaysians can track down the heart to detest.

How might something so basic be so lovely? Coconut milk rice, groundnuts, cucumber cuts, a full-bubbled egg, broiled anchovies, sambal and see, the ideal nasi lemak!

Obviously, all through Malaysia, many slows down and eateries make a case for the title of having the best nasi lemak. However, who really wears the crown?

FoodPanda as of late coordinated a tasting meeting at its Bangsar South office to figure out reality, pitting five delectable servings of nasi lemak against one another.

Each of these nasi lemak servings came from deep rooted names in and around the Klang Valley, some of which you might have heard previously.

Here are the five sellers whose nasi lemak were scrutinized as well as FMT’s decision on them. Have you attempted any of these previously?

1. Nasi Ayam MafiaBoy, discuss pressing a kick! Of course, given the seller’s name, one ought to have expected a hitjob on one’s tactile organs.

Nasi Ayam Mafia is a popular chicken eatery situated in Sepang and they are especially known for their hot interpretation of nasi lemak. What’s more, sufficiently genuine, the sambal going with the rice has a burning intensity that will leave your tongue numb.

On the off chance that you’re willing to prepare yourself, add on their popular sambal belacan to turn up the intensity significantly more – genuinely a test for even masochistic Malaysians.

Notwithstanding the flavor levels, some affection needs to go for its firm and delicious seared chicken, the ideal supplement to a blazing feast.

FMT’s decision: Power Gila/10
Presently this is a recognizable name to those living in the Klang Valley, generally because of the media consideration this slow down got from nearby and global media.

Beside heavenly passage, Nasi Lemak Saleha is likewise renowned for its poverty to newfound wealth story, with its underlying manifestation being a basic side of the road slow down.

Quick forward to 2022 and its proprietors, Mat Isa Abdul Rahman and Saleha Abdullah, presently have two cafés and a production line to their name.

They are particularly renowned for their sambal and for sure, this Kampung Pandan slow down doesn’t frustrate. Rather strangely, their renowned sambal has a serious level of pleasantness to it, looking like the food of East Coast Malaysia.

FMT’s decision: Best Nyaa/10

3. Nasi Lemak Kukus SS19

For the numerous college understudies living in Subang Jaya, this slow down is probably going to ring a bell as it is for sure famous with that segment.

Nasi lemak is frequently connected with solace food, and this modest contribution actually takes a look at every one of the fundamental boxes. What makes this specific nasi lemak stand apart is its uncommonly fragrant rice, which emits a mind blowing aroma when served new.

Something beyond smelling the part, it likewise tastes the part and you don’t for a moment even need the sambal to appreciate it for what it is!

All things considered, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to attempt one of the numerous delicious side dishes, including squid sambal, chicken rendang and flavored broiled chicken!

FMT’s decision: Sumpah Sedap/10

4. Amira Bistro

2. Nasi Lemak Once in a while straightforwardness is liked over intricacy, and that is to be sure the situation with Amira Bistro’s nasi lemak.

This bistro in Bukit Kerinchi has been around since the 80’s and has come to be referred to nearby as the go-to nasi lemak center point. It isn’t difficult to see the reason why as it appears to succeed in all parts of what makes a nasi lemak great.

The rice has a decent scent to it and the sambal has a fair degree of fieriness and pleasantness. Amira Bistro’s nasi lemak may show up rather customary however a nitty gritty dish can in any case certainly satisfy one’s craving.

FMT’s decision: Terbaik!/10

5. Pak Li Kopitiam To wrap things up on this rundown is a restaurant that has been around for more than 30 years and is as yet serving clients hot plates of nasi lemak.

This kopitiam is a backbone in Klang, renowned at its great costs and similarly great food, and the equivalent can be said for its nasi lemak, explicitly its Nasi Lemak with Zest Broiled Chicken which will in general rat quick.

Seeing the reason why on the main bite is simple. With a fresh external layer weighed down with zest, you get to feel the substantial juices streaming down your tongue with a fiery clue to it. The seared chicken is best matched with the sambal, a thick and exquisite glue that has an incredible novel flavor.

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